Our size range will fit almost any car out there!

Use our size guide on our home page to find the best fit for your car. 

Our covers are made from 84% soft polyester, and 16% elastaine. The elastaine is what gives the cover the ability to mould to the car as if it was made for it, as it form fits around the lines of the car.

The 4-way elastic hemming also gives the cover the ability to 'tuck-in' around the edges of the car. 

If your car has a radio antenna the best option will be to remove the antenna itself.
If this is not possible, and it is not possible for the cover to fit effectively with the antenna in place, then follow these instructions:

1. Apply cover to car and ensure it fits as evenly as possible

2. Using a sharp knife/blade, cut a small slot in the cover immediately above the top of the antenna

3. Using a very strong thread, sew a very dense circle in a diameter immediately around the slot. This will assist in mitigating any further tearing.  

This depends on the size of the wing. Small subtle wings and spoilers usually won't mean having to go up a size.

However if they are large in size (think Porsche GT3 RS, Subaru WRX STI, Mitsubishi Evolution), it may be worth getting the next size up.

If you're unsure, you can contact us directly here for some guidance. 

Note: Rear wings and car covers don't always get along, as the wing creates a void of space within the cover, and can lead to some poor fitment at the rear of the car. 

This is dependant on just how large the roof rack system is.

Obviously the roof racks will increase the volume of car that needs to be covered, so there's a chance you might need to go up a size.

For example, you probably wouldn't need to go up a size if you just had standard factory solid rail racks, however a large canopy 'tray-style' fixture would likely warrant going up one size. 

Regular Flat Rate Shipping Lead Times:

Shipping to metropoliton areas will normally will take 3-7 business days from date of despatch. If you are in a regional area allow up to 20 business days to receive your consignment.

Obviously during COVID outbreaks and lockdowns, shipping leadtimes may be a bit longer than expected, so please keep an eye on the tracking information given to you at purchase.

If you need your cover a bit faster than that, please choose our express post shipping option.

Express Post Lead Times:
Leadtimes should be no longer than 2 business days from order despatch. 

The Sleeping Bag Covers are designed exclusively for enclosed indoor use. Do you not use them for vehicles stored outdoors or in open-sided car ports. 

No, we don't offer an outdoor cover as yet. But watch this space! 

With its soft fleece-lined inner shell, the Sleeping Bag ensures that any micro-damage to paintwork is kept to an absolute minimum.

A cheap nasty cover made from course materials WILL compromise paint work each time you pull the cover on and off. 

Unfortunately we do not!

Alternatively, what we can do is supply you with an unbranded cover (by special request) for which you'll be able to source your own local printer for your custom logo design.