Long Term Car Storage - How to Store Your Car Properly

There are several reasons you might want to store a car long-term. Maybe you're going away for a while and can't take it with you. You might need to store it because you won't have time to drive it for a while, or maybe you're even anticipating selling it later. Whatever your reasons for wanting to store your car, it's important to do it properly. Get it wrong, and your car could sustain damage or might not be as secure as it should be. So what should you be doing to make sure you store your car properly?


Find Somewhere Safe

First of all, you need somewhere safe to put your car. Perhaps you have a garage or a carport that makes the perfect place to put your car long-term. But if you don't have somewhere you're happy to be occupied by your car for weeks or possibly months, you'll have to find somewhere else. Renting a spot where you can park and store your car is a smart idea. If you want to completely remove the hassle, consider using a service like The Autohouse, which is designed to keep auto enthusiasts' cars safe.

Clean Your Car

Before putting your car into storage, you'll want to give it a good clean. Storing it before cleaning it could make it more susceptible to rust or other problems developing. So take it through the car wash or give it a good wash at home. Make sure you also pay attention to the interior if you want it to be really clean. A thorough deep clean will make your car much more pleasant to return to when you take it out of storage.


Perform Some Maintenance

As well as cleaning your car, you might want to think about a few basic maintenance tasks. It's a good idea to fill it up with fuel, which can help to prevent condensation and rusting in the fuel tank. Check your oil and change it along with your air filters if necessary, and add antifreeze if you will be storing your car in the winter. Check your tyre pressure too, and spray unpainted metal areas with an anti-rust product. It's also a good idea to get a smart charger to keep the battery charged. Running the engine for a few minutes every few weeks can help to keep it healthy.

Cover Your Car

Once your car is all clean and in good condition, covering it up will protect it while it's in storage. It will keep it clean, plus prevent scratches or other damage to the exterior. A good indoor car cover from The Cover Shop will ensure your car is protected all over for the duration of its storage.

Keep It Secure

Of course, it's important to keep your car secure. As well as choosing a secure place to park it, make sure the alarm is set and it's locked. If your car has a keyless entry, keep the key in a Faraday cage to prevent a relay attack from car thieves.

Be smart about how you store your car to prevent damage and keep it safe while it's in long-term storage.