Seat Cover Protection Pack


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Developed in conjunction with our good friends at Bowden's Own, our Seat Cover Protection Pack is designed to give your Jackaroo Seat Covers that next level of protection. Consisting of an extra large 500ml bottle of the supremely good fabric protection spray Fabratection, along with the famous Square Bear microfibre applicator cloth.

This quick and easy little package will ensure your seat covers are protected from all liquid nasties that interiors can be exposed to. 

Product Facts

Fabratection Spray:

  • Spray onto your seats and also onto your Jackaroo seat covers
  • Great for all interior fabric trim, from seat belts to fabric seats, carpet, even fantastic for exterior fabric convertible roofs as well. 
  • Helps prevent liquid staining from accidental (or non accidental) spills that can happen in your car or home.
  • Makes your fabric easier to clean – as Fabratection bonds to the fibres, it prevents mud, sweat, light oils, food, pet mishaps and other items from penetrating into the fabrics, making it a lot easier to clean off in the event of any mishaps.
  • Crazy beading – It’s an advanced super hydrophobic formula, so after the treatment and curing 24 to 48 hours, it repels water beautifully. The contact angles on the beading we see on some tight and dense fabrics is quite insane, not to mention a cool thing to get pics of! 
  • It’s also a light oleophobic product, meaning it can repel most oils, acid and alkaline products as well. 
  • Good abrasion resistance, so it won't wipe off when touched or rubbed. 
  • UV protection – Important for fabrics in cars and many being more susceptible to losing colour if in the sun over time. 
  • Importantly does not change the feel or look of the material and still allows it to breathe.
  • Will last up to one year after application. 
  • Biodegrable and not bio accumulative, free of the evil perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), perfluorooctane sulfonic...


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