Best Motorbike Covers In Australia

If you are the proud owner of one (or more) of Australia’s 950,000 registered motorcycles, keeping your hog in great condition should be an ongoing priority. Therefore, a quality motorbike cover is undoubtedly one of the best investments you could ever make.

However, the benefits of a motorbike cover can only be unlocked if you choose the right product. Here’s all you need to know about the best motorbike covers in Australia.

Why It's Important To Invest In A Premium Indoor Cover

Before looking at different motorbike covers, you must first ask why they are needed. A premium indoor motorcycle cover is essentially a specifically designed fabric jacket for your motorbike. They are designed to be used when bikes are stored in garages, car parks, and storage units.

The benefits of using a motorbike cover are plentiful. Firstly, it is a barrier between your bike’s paintwork and dust particles, which will prevent damage to the paint. Likewise, it prevents scratches - accidental or malicious - by passersby. 

By choosing a premium product, you can also prevent minor bumps and protect the motorcycle against condensation and moisture retention. It can subsequently prevent rusting. In other words, the best motorbike covers will keep the vehicle looking its best and performing as expected while also reducing maintenance needs.

Protecting the motorbike can also slow the rate of depreciation, which can be as high as 27% in the first two years of ownership if you fail to consciously take care of your ride. Choosing a premium motorbike cover ensures that you will see all of those rewards. 

Moreover, the superior products will last, meaning you’ll save money in the long run compared to buying cheap covers that fail to live up to expectations.

What To Look For In A Quality Motorbike Cover

Appreciating why you should buy the best motorbike covers in Australia is one thing, but finding them is another. Firstly, you should look for a reputable company that has a track record of providing quality indoor covers for vehicles. This step provides instant peace of mind.

As for the motorbike cover itself, the material needs to be breathable to stop moisture retention and subsequent rusting. Moreover, it should boast a high-density GSM (grams per square metre) figure because a low value will translate to poor dust resistance.

A snug fit is another crucial attribute if you wish to unlock the full benefits of using a motorbike cover. Products that are available in different sizes to match the dimensions of different bike manufacturers and models provide the best results, especially when supported by an elasticated hemming. 

For many riders, appearances are important too. Quality motorbike covers are made in multiple colour choices while they may also offer personalisation options through the addition of logos and unique designs.

Finally, the right product will be available at the right price and come with a guarantee for added peace of mind. When your motorbike cover ticks all of the boxes, it will be ready to protect your vehicle for years to come.