Why Breathable Car Covers Matter: Science Explained

Why Breathable Car Covers Matter: Science Explained

Key Point Summary
Importance of Breathable Car Covers Essential to prevent issues like corrosion, paint damage, and interior deterioration.
Waterproof vs. Breathable Covers Waterproof covers trap moisture, while breathable covers allow it to evaporate.
Science Behind Moisture Reduction Trapped moisture can evaporate quickly through breathable covers, preventing rust and paint damage.
Air Circulation Prevents condensation and build-up of mildew or mould.
Heat Insulation Breathable covers provide better insulation, reducing mould and mildew growth.
Material Science High-quality covers have microscopic pores for balance between protection and ventilation.
Overall Benefits Extends the lifespan of vehicles and keeps them looking pristine.


Breathable car covers might not seem to be that important. After all, if we want to protect our car, we should just cover it, right? Well, in fact, breathable car covers are important for a number of reasons. Let's explore why they're so crucial and make you an expert on everything breathable car covers, with a few little tidbits of information that cover the science behind great breathable car covers!

The Essentials of Using Car Covers

Exposure to the elements can result in significant issues for your car. The right car protection is always essential, which is why breathable car covers are crucial to prevent issues like corrosion, paint damage, and even interior deterioration.

Elements such as rain, pollutants, and, depending on where you are in the world, snow can take its toll on your vehicle's exterior. What's more, UV rays that can permeate your vehicle when you leave it out in the sun can wreak havoc on the inside of your car, resulting in various issues such as fading and cracking of the dashboard, deterioration of the upholstery, and even cause damage to the less visible components.

Parking in the shade and using car covers can protect the vehicle from UV rays and excessive heat. Car covers act as a shield, preventing all of these detrimental effects, and preserving the pristine condition of your vehicle.

Are Waterproof Covers the Best Car Covers?

While waterproof covers may prevent water from reaching the car, they will track moisture. So, even if you purchase a waterproof car cover and you then find when you come to take it off the next morning that your car is actually wet, this is not due to a heavy downpour but is moisture that is almost certainly condensation.

Condensation can form under car covers due to warmer air inside. When the air temperature drops to what is known as the dew point, water vapour in the air changes into a liquid, causing condensation to form on the car, especially during the morning. This is a common occurrence, which is why breathable car covers allow the water to evaporate.

The Reasons Why Breathable Car Covers Are Essential

We've explained how car covers are excellent at keeping out the sun and the elements, but let's delve into the science why breathable car covers are the most important factor of keeping your car looking as great as it should:

Reduction of Moisture Formation

Moisture, in the form of condensation, can corrupt the parts of your car made of steel, leading it to rust and causing damage to the paint job when your vehicle is moist for a long time. This can be even worse without a breathable car cover. Any trapped moisture and condensation can easily evaporate quickly through the cover.

Condensation on the outside of a car is a natural process. As the temperature in the air changes and the car surface warms up, the condensed moisture will evaporate back into the air. Condensation can stay trapped under a non-breathable car cover, especially during temperature changes. Breathability is important as it allows air to be present, allowing moisture to escape.

Allowing Air to Circulate

High levels of dense, moist air can result in condensation, and when this dense air comes into contact with cooler surfaces, it reverts from a gaseous state to a liquid one, forming condensation.

When warm moisture comes into contact with a colder surface, the air is unable to hold the same amount of moisture, resulting in tiny droplets of water being formed, commonly known as condensation. This is why the breathability of materials and ventilation are two critical factors in allowing water to evaporate and prevent the build-up of condensation.

Better Heat Insulation

Breathable covers are also essential as they offer better heat insulation, preventing the build-up of mildew or mould. The buildup of both is primarily caused by high temperatures and moisture, creating an environment conducive to their growth.

Additionally, factors such as poor car hygiene or cars left in damp or dark environments, as well as high humidity and limited sun exposure, can result in mould and mildew developing. Mould and mildew require specific conditions to thrive, such as:

  • Moisture, which is provided by condensation and high humidity under non-breathable car covers.
  • Mould also grows on materials it can digest, such as dirt, dust, and organic materials.
  • Moulds are obligate aerobes, meaning they need oxygen to survive. However, they can grow in areas with very low concentrations of oxygen, which is why they can thrive under waterproof, non-breathable car covers.
  • Humid temperatures, as mould grows best between 25° to 30°C, create environments conducive to mould and mildew growth.


Breathable car covers offer better heat insulation, resulting in the prevention of mildew and mould, maintaining your vehicle in optimum condition.

What is the Key to Breathability?

The breathability of these car covers lies in the materials used. Car covers need to protect the vehicle but they also need to strike the right balance between protection and ventilation.

High-quality car covers come with microscopic pores that are small enough to repel water molecules, preventing them from penetrating the cover, while also still allowing air to pass through.

This delicate balance ensures your car is shielded from the outside elements without compromising on breathability. Our breathable car cover is the only cover you will ever need. With its breathable materials allowing trapped moisture to escape from your car, being dust-resistant, and its soft fleece lining not scratching the paintwork, the material provides a custom look cover to your vehicle that protects it from all the elements.

When it comes to breathable car covers, they are important for so many different reasons. Breathable materials are not just essential for the sake of our cars, but when you understand how moisture, heat, and humidity, and a lack of air can cause so many issues, you know that having the right vehicle protection is absolutely essential. Our covers offer a protective barrier against the elements, ensuring proper ventilation and extending the lifespan of your vehicle, keeping it looking pristine for years to come.