Top tips for protecting the paint on your prized possession

Car paint is more than an aesthetic aspect when it comes to your vehicle. Indeed, while we may have our favourite paint colours or effects, your car paint has a tough job to do. It protects your car against external elements, namely UV rays, humidity, and wind. So, when your paint gets damaged, it's more than an unpleasant sight to look at. It could also put your vehicle at risk of:

  • Corrosion
  • High repair costs
  • Loss of value

Thankfully, car manufacturers also spend a lot of time ensuring that their vehicles can be protected with quality paint. Nevertheless, sh*t happens and relying on goodwill and luck won't be enough to protect the paint. Here are our top tips to ensure you can keep your car paint looking pristine for as long as possible. 

Wash your car the correct way

How do you wash your vehicle? Here's an important lesson that too many car owners forget. You should only use high-quality specialist car wash and foam applicator. While it may be tempting to use dish detergent to save costs, it could have adverse effects on your paint as dish soap is acidic. After washing the vehicle, use a microfibre towel to help dry it. Neglecting the drying process can damage the paint. Remember, paint protects your car against moisture too, so keeping the paint wet is never a good idea!

Another crucial piece of advice that can prolong the life of your vehicle paint is about birds dropping and other dirt management. Droppings or bug splatters have high acidic properties, which means the longer they stay on the paint, the more likely they are to corrode the surface. Make sure to wash your car as soon as possible. 

Use paint protection

Paint protection can come in many forms and shapes and can offer a protective shield against natural wear and tear and small damages. 

Synthetic ceramic coatings are a fantastic solution to keep the paint safe and extend its lifetime. The coating adheres permanently to the paint and can't be washed off with chemicals and soaps. A ceramic coating is also scratch-resistant (not scratch-proof), so it will shield the paint from minor marks that could occur both indoors and outdoors. 

Claying and waxing the car can prolong the paint and helps keep it spotless. A clay bar can effectively remove dust and other invisible contaminants that can affect the paintwork. Make sure to follow with a wax polish, which can protect you from minor scratches, dust, and UV rays for up to 10 months. 

Finally, you can also get a paint protection film, which is a physical film that is applied to the vehicle to keep your paint safe from environmental factors, tar, and scratches. 

Buy a car cover

Car covers present probably the easiest and most cost-effective solution to protect your vehicle, both in an indoor environment and outdoor. However, if you are going to invest in a car cover, you need to make sure you understand the best way to use it. 

You can't use a cover to protect a wet vehicle, as it is going to trap humidity and contribute to the formation of mould, rust, and fungus. Always ensure the car is fully dried before placing the cover. 

Furthermore, if the vehicle remains parked for an extended period of time, we strongly recommend removing the cover at least on a weekly basis to prevent potential damages. 


Finally, you want to make sure you use the right cover size for your vehicle, as getting the wrong fit could defeat the protective purpose. At The Cover Shop, you will find one of the most extensive collections of car covers in Australia, including a variety of sizes for all car makes. 


It is worth mentioning that a car cover will not only protect your vehicle when you park outside, but it can also preserve your paint indoors by:

  • Reducing the presence of dust
  • Reducing the risk of scratches
  • Making your vehicle more visible in a shared car park (hence, other drivers are less likely to scratch your car accidentally)

Whenever possible, park indoors

It makes no doubt that keeping your vehicle away from natural elements that could damage the paint will preserve its value for longer. Parking in a lockable garage can reduce the risk of vandalism, as well as humidity, direct sun exposure, fluctuating temperature, and wind. 


Are you looking for the best possible car cover for your vehicles? At The Cover Shop, we provide automotive cover protection for cars of all sizes and makes. Reach out to our team to find the right cover for your car!